New Year Resolutions: The myth?

New Year Resolutions: The myth?

A few months ago, I found myself caught in a big trap. Upon relocating to Bangalore, one of my goals was to stay fit and healthy, and I convinced myself that joining a gym was the key. However, a series of excuses quickly became roadblocks in my path.

The primary excuse? I didn't have a vehicle to get to the gym.

"It's impossible without a vehicle," I would tell myself.

The logical next step, in my mind, was to acquire a means of transportation. The prospect of owning a vehicle seemed like a worthy investment for my fitness journey. But, my mom, always the voice of reason, promptly refused the idea of a two-wheeler in a new city.

"Who will take care of you if something happens?" she wisely pointed out.

Little did I know, I was falling into the trap of what some call Yak shaving – getting caught up in unnecessary tasks that distract from the original goal.

xkcd: yak shaving

Instead of focusing on my fitness, I was entangled in the web of excuses and unrelated tasks. It wasn't until I had a moment of clarity that I realized the absurdity of my excuses. I didn't need a vehicle to reach the gym, I needed determination and a change in perspective*.*

The turning point came when, on the very first day of the new year, I decided to take matters into my own hands and began walking to the gym. No more excuses, just a commitment to myself.

To make the journey more exciting, I set a challenge – if I could complete a month with at least four gym sessions per week, I would reward myself with a gift.

The catch? It could be anything, even something delightfully unhealthy.

As I entered the second week, I found myself settling into a routine. The initial enthusiasm was still there, but the real challenge was keeping it alive. I realized that the key to staying on track was to add variety to my workouts. So, I decided to mix things up – from cardio to strength training, each day brought a new challenge.

Sure, there were moments when my alarm's snooze button seemed like a tempting escape, but the promise and visions of my end goals (and the hefty gym fee I paid 🙂) kept me on track.

So, here's to ditching the excuses, finding fitness and proving that resolutions are more than just a myth. Let's see where this journey takes me!

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