My journey to the Open-source world

My journey to the Open-source world

GSSoC’20: Beginning of a new journey

I was always interested in Open Source contribution from long back but was not able to start as I felt it’s not much beginner-friendly. I started searching about how to get started with it and finally landed up to GirlsScript Summer of Code. I read all about it and I was highly exuberant and applied for it immediately. I was extremely happy and pumped when I received that I am shortlisted for the same🎉.

And thus started, the 3 months-long journeys of my contribution to GSSoC’ 20 on 1st March 2020. There were various projects based on different skills and every participant is free to claim any project. Even one can contribute to multiple projects as per their choice. There was so much ambiguity in my mind as there were so many projects to chose from. I ended up taking some projects,

My First Contribution was to a project named as Water Monitoring System as the initial issues in that project were quite beginner-friendly. It was initially difficult getting used to the environment (Fixing the merge conflicts and much more) as I was very unfamiliar with git and all the projects which were on GitHub, so I followed some youtube videos and read blogs and also with the help of my sister, it became a piece of cake😎.

“There are many things that seem impossible only so long as one does not attempt them.”

Then after some contribution, I landed up into another project which is Crop AI (Frontend). My experience here was amazing. I got to learn about various tech stacks like HTML, CSS, Javascript in-depth, and also about UX/UI designing. Thanks to the mentor of this project Rajat Sharma who always tried to understand the way I think and changed my approach to solving a problem.

After the frontend part in Crop AI was over, I got interested in another project named Girscript Boilerplate Website. Here I built my skill set even more. It was during the contribution to the documentation of this project, I got to learn about Sphinx which taught me a lot 😊. Once I figured out how things operate, it was fairly straightforward to work with and I started taking up a variety of challenging issues and bugs to solve and secured a spot as the top contributor of the project (edited).

The admin of the project Smarnajit Ghose and the mentor Anush Bhatia were very considerate in helping me solve numerous doubts and queries which I presented in front of them. Whenever I was stuck on any issue, I used to post my queries on Slack and get instant help. Also, they always provided constructive feedback on how I could improve.

Like initially I had no idea about UX/UI designing. After taking some design issues, for example, the landing page of Water Monitoring System, the logos for Crop AI project( you can see my logos present in the project both in frontend and backend part), the logo for Girscript Boilerplate Website and also the whole promotional website for the Girlscript_app present in Girscript Boilerplate Website and many more, I have added a new skill into my skill set😃. And now I am so fascinated with this field that I don’t mind spending my whole day working on the design, checking other people's work on Behance, Dribbble, etc.

Apart from all these projects, I also have made few contributions to some other projects like Technotica Curriculum, Crop AI (Backend & Android-application), BossY, Ignitus Client.

It almost feels like yesterday that I started my contribution. My journey with GSSoC has motivated me to explore more of the open-source world! I would like to thank the GirlScript Summer of Code and GirlScript Foundation for this incredible opportunity, along with my mentors who have always been supportive and encouraged me to keep learning.

Looking forward to taking a deeper dive into the Open Source world from now onwards🙌.

By the way, I just forgot to add that if you observe my GitHub, Adyasha Mohanty then there is a big change starting from one to 521 contributions that make me proud of my journey so far.

Thanks for reading till the end. Keep Contributing!

Feel free to get in touch with me over Linkedin, Twitter, or simply drop me an email at 😇.

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